I recently had a bizarre dream in which I became a YouTuber or BookTuber as it were, to document my writing journey. I talked about books, writing and of course my own book! Alas, I am but an introverted writer, so YouTube is not the place for me. But a blog on the other hand… Lets see what happens!

  • A Question Of Perspective: A Short Story

    18th Sep 2019 by

    A Short Story, under 5 minute read.

  • I Need A Bit Of Advice: Adapting Short Stories

    20th Sep 2019 by

    Hello everyone I hope you are doing well! So I thought I would come on here and and ask for a bit of advice with regards to a short story I just finished. As I was writing it, I fell in love with the main character, although he is not somebody I would ever wish… Read more

  • The Sunshine Blogger Award!

    19th Sep 2019 by

    Hello everyone, I just posted a short story, of which I hope you have a minute to check out after this one, you can find that here. HOWEVER, this morning I woke up to a lovely comment by The Avid Reader nominating little old me for a Sunshine Blogger Award. So thank you very much for… Read more

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One thought on “Homepage

  1. Hi Jen! I agree with you on starting baby steps when picking writing. Blogging actually does more. It helps you build a fan base. So that once you have your book ready, you can let them know and some copies will be sold. You can ask for reviews. So great beginning and best of luck

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