Welcome to my blog, I hope you are doing well.

First of all, thank you for joining me on my writing journey. Here you will find an array of short stories, the occasional poem and other such writing related content.

I’m so excited to have a space I can be creative and to interact with other creatives and interesting people from all over the world.

If you like it here, you are more than welcome to stay, we have hot chocolate!


Jen X

Fallen: Flash Fiction

Authors Note: Hello everyone, long time no see! I’m sorry for my embarassing lack of posts. My new internship has been keeping me very busy, as well as draining me of all creativity. I hope you enjoy this flash fiction, it’s not my favourite as I’m still trying to get back into the swing of… Continue reading Fallen: Flash Fiction


How can your blood make you sick to your stomach? Not the blood rushing in our veins but the blood of family bonds. The blood that binds us as sisters, as daughters, as mothers. How can you wish your blood shared no ties? Your blood is infected with the spite in their hearts. How can… Continue reading Blood

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4 thoughts on “Homepage

  1. Hi Jen! I agree with you on starting baby steps when picking writing. Blogging actually does more. It helps you build a fan base. So that once you have your book ready, you can let them know and some copies will be sold. You can ask for reviews. So great beginning and best of luck

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  2. Hi Jen! I saw that you liked one of my posts and I appreciate it! I was hoping if I can talk to you about WordPress, as I am still fairly new with the site. I can’t wait to read your writing!

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