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Jen Had A Dream She Was A YouTuber: Blogging Is A Better Fit

Creativity serves us all

Words are a lens to focus one’s mind.

— Ayn Rand

I have started this blog primarily to keep myself accountable in terms of my writing. I am currently around a quarter of the way through my first ever novel. I started off strong and was writing around 2000 words per day, though I soon burned out and my word-baby has been left unopened for a couple of months.

I believe if you have a genuine passion for something, you should strive to achieve it but we almost always forget that we need to crawl before we can complete the marathon that is novel-writing. This blog is my first baby-step. Although I have already started my book, that alone is not enough momentum to keep it hurtling towards the finish line.

I plan to upload snippets of my book as I continue this journey as well as any free-writing I do. I have just joined an online writing class in which we are required to submit pieces of creative work; those will also be making an appearance in the near future. I am so excited to have finally taken the plunge and started this blog. I created my first writing blog when I was fourteen after seeing a school peer enjoying fashion blogging so much. I was discouraged at the time and deactivated the website.

I have promised myself, even if my mother was the only one who ever reads this; I’m glad I have a space to share my work as well as improving my writing.

Daily Reading Recommendation

“…It’s better to ask for the Earth than to take it”

-J.B. Priestley

Although this is not a book, I believe a lot can be taken from a script. I have loved this play for many years. I first read it in when I was 12 years old as my mum wanted me to be prepared for my English GCSE’s which began the year after. Unfortunately I never got the chance to study An Inspector Calls at GCSE level, but that didn’t stop me from reading the play again and again.

The moral message of this play is hard-hitting and still relevant to this day. I would recommend this play to anyone and everyone.

Stay tuned for further posts!


Jen x

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