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Mr Picasso: A Short Story Part 1

Authors Note: Hey everyone hope you are well. I am sorry about my lack of blog posts recently. I have gone back to University and it has taken up a lot of my time. However that’s not the only reason for my silence. I was worried about publishing this story as I love the main character a lot, but I felt hesitant to post it incase readers didn’t agree. Ultimately I decided I won’t know unless I try. I hope you enjoy and please like and comment so I know you want the second part

EDIT: By the way, I plan to develop this story further so please feel free to leave any feedback in the comments!

(9 minute read)

I was so tired the day after, she took a long time. I thought it would just be another quick one, but it turned out to be much more than that. I’m still shocked it even happened. I mean she was a bit of a challenge but, it was worth it. How did I meet her? Well, I’ll tell you. It was about 9 o’clock on the Monday, 2nd of January. I remember getting ready making sure to perfectly gel my hair, put on a nice pair of jeans and a clean top. Women love a well-groomed man, makes them feel like you’d take care of them too.

She was standing by the bar and caught my attention almost instantly. I bet you’d like me to say she was provocative? That she was standing there half naked, flirting with every guy in her line of sight? Well, sorry to disappoint but she was perfectly modest and respectable. That’s what attracted me to her. There was something about her, something fragile and innocent. It was something I realised as I gazed upon her green eyes that were intensified by fear.  It was something I needed to own. If it was mine, I could destroy it.

I decided quickly to approach her. I could tell she was the kind of woman who would appreciate a gentle touch. She reminded me of a lost baby chimp. As though she had been abandoned and left helpless to predators. In a room full of women practically waltzing around in their underwear, her long black jumper dress was alien. Perhaps if we were standing in a coffee shop in November it would have been considered acceptable. She obsessively put her dark brown hair behind her ear, to only pull it out again moments later. She shuffled from foot to foot and was visibly nervous. She was perfect.

“Can I have a double whiskey please?” I said to the barman as I took my place beside her.

“And one for the lady?” I asked with my most genuine smile. The one I’ve been practicing for God knows how long.

“Yes. Yeah. I mean, thank you. I’ll have a shandy.” A shandy? I remember squinting and rubbing my eyes to focus my vision, in case I’d mistaken an elderly lady for a suitable match. The barman brought over our drinks a few minutes later and she still couldn’t keep eye contact with me. I noticed her holding a lighter and that’s when I knew I could do this.

“Want to pop out for a cigarette?” I asked her while grabbing one from a fresh pack and offering another to her. Beth silently nodded and we made our way to the smoking area. Luckily for us, it was surprisingly empty. I mean apart from a couple drunk girls sitting on the floor in the corner. I couldn’t tell you if Beth noticed, if she did, she didn’t make it obvious. Her eyes barely left the floor at first. But I soon got her talking didn’t I.

“So, Beth what is a nice girl like you doing in a grotty club like this?” She looked embarrassed and her cheeks flushed a little bit, but I didn’t bring it up. I let her reply in her own time.

“Well, I just wanted to go out, I guess. I don’t have many mates and the ones I do have aren’t into clubs. This is the first club I’ve ever been to. I don’t think I like it either.”

“There are a lot of better places to go out to. This is more of a…I dunno, even I don’t like it sometimes.” I lied so easily. That was the first time I’d ever been there too. So far, I was loving it.

“What’re you doing here then James?” She asked with a tight smile. Finally, I thought, a bit of life. That’s’ when I knew it would be interesting.

“I was stood up. A girl I’d been seeing was meant to meet me here an hour ago. Tried calling but she won’t pick up. Thought I’d drown my sorrows.” I downed my drink in a couple of gulps. I reckon it added to the story. I saw her eyes studying me, as though she could tell I was lying. But she just asked me the usual questions. How long were you seeing her? Did you really like her? What does she look like? It’s funny how territorial some girls can get in such a short amount of time. I have been told it’s down to my stunning God given looks, but I say that’s bullshit, it’s all about the attitude.

“What is it that you do for a living then Beth?”

“I’m a student I study primary education with a specialisation in English. I live in a host-family home down on Harris Street. They’re moving soon though, gotta try find somewhere and that’s been a right nightmare.” She tilted her head down, diverting her sad gaze elsewhere. I couldn’t believe my luck. I decided to probe further.

“I’m sure you could stay with your parents no?”

“Oh, no actually. They aren’t around anymore.” She said without looking up. It was time to step up the charm. I gently lifted her chin up and looked into her eyes. I felt her recoil for a moment, but I knew how to put a woman at ease. You must make them feel special. Like they’re the most perfect thing walking the Earth. You compliment them, look lovingly into their eyes. You make them trust you.

After a few more rounds, I decided she was sufficiently drunk, and I asked her to come back to my flat. She agreed. Beth wanted to come back to mine, I asked her multiple times in front of the bouncers. She told me yes. I called a cab and we were soon within the safety of my home. It’s a nice enough place. I don’t like mess, so I only have the necessities. I didn’t have a washing machine, got the laundrette for that. You meet people like that, standing by an ancient washing machine that squeaks with every spin, you get chatting. You get to know people sure, but more importantly they get to know you. Other than that, I had a bed, a cooker and a fridge. A simple life is a happy life.

Anyway, when we got in, I offered her a glass of water and said I’d sleep on the sofa if she wanted to have my bed. It’s only a single anyway, wouldn’t have been enough room for the both of us. She came over to me, or rather she stumbled over to me. I had to steady her before she collapsed on the floor. I was surprised she hadn’t already considering the amount she drank at the club.

“You should go to sleep now Beth” I encouraged, I needed her to fall asleep. It just wouldn’t work with her like this.

“Why? We… We haven’t spoked at all though.” Beth was swaying again and for a moment I was sure her face flashed a light shade of green.

“You’re too drunk. Go to sleep,” I grabbed her arm, quite firmly, and pulled her toward the bed. Beth did what I said and got under the covers. I was glad she’d finally caught on. I left the door slightly ajar, sat outside and waited. Within the space of five minutes, she was asleep. Once I was truly convinced that she was out, I started to prepare.

The adrenaline running through my veins was probably enough to power a space shuttle.  I remember having a little bounce in my walk, yeah, I was excited but there was something else. A desire for something a bit more, adventurous shall I say. I decided to go a bit further than I had done before. The ideas floating around my head were irresistible. She was perfect.

I walked back into the bedroom and just watched her for a little while. She looked so peaceful all sprawled out on my bed. I was so close to her face I could count the blonde hairs on her forehead. I know she was knocked out, practically sedated, but her face was a vision of peace and prospects. I had to take it.

I stood up towering high above her and lifted her up. She was so small, it was like carrying a little kid. She barely stirred. Her head flopped painfully to one side and her arms and legs flailed around like they had a mind of their own. It was a short walk to the back of the flat, I lucked out when I found this place. It’s on a run-down estate with mostly empty flats all around. It was scheduled to all be knocked down and the council had plans to rebuild luxury flats instead. Most tenants decided to move as quickly as possible, you never know when they’d be back with bulldozers. I was on the top floor of a 50-floor tower block. There were no neighbours for as far as the eye could see, or the ear could hear as it were. She was perfect and that was perfect.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the hallway mirror and noticed my blonde hair had fallen from its former high stance. I thought I must have sweated all the gel away, what with all the anticipation and preparation. I quickly re-focused on the task at hand. Beth’s breathing began to get quite shallow, but I wasn’t worried. I closed the door to the back room and laid her down on the table I had put in the middle. The room was fully soundproofed, of course you can never be too careful in these kinds of situations. Hey, I even locked the door with ten different bolts I’d installed the week before. Never too careful.

I then took off her jumper dress and let it fall limply beside my foot. I could then finally see all of her. She was very pale and quite skinny, she was a bone to put it plainly. I examined every inch of her body and I remember seeing long angry cuts all the way up both arms and both legs from the knee up. Now the long dress and tights makes sense, I thought. She was ashamed. It was interesting to say the least. How do I always manage to track down those kinds of women? The broken kind. The damaged kind with deep daddy issues. I think it’s a gift personally.

You know what I did next.



Jen X

13 thoughts on “Mr Picasso: A Short Story Part 1

  1. This is really spooky and fun! Can’t wait to read more, they’re both really interesting characters (though it doesn’t look like poor Beth is gonna be in this story all that much longer…)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. There are definitely shady and sinister implications here but I can’t imagine someone liking a character like that. I get the feeling that a major twist is brewing in part 2 that offsets or turns those implications on their heads. I can only assume that it involves the use of names (such as the title name or how they seem to know each others names despite not “knowing” each other.) Part 2 should be just as interesting, plus you HAVE to post it now because of the cliffhanger. Don’t leave us hanging!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much once again for commenting! If I’m being honest with you, I don’t like the ending of the story because it doesn’t feel like the end. Since posting this, I have asked a couple of people to read it. The feedback was that it doesn’t feel finished. I am convinced, now more than ever, that this is not a short story. It needs to be a book. I’m hesitant now to post the second part because the characters are too interesting to be limited to a short story. I may tweak it and take certain things out and then continue it as a book.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Should be interesting! You could always have connected short stories for a larger piece (so that characters aren’t confined to a single story). On the flip side, if a book seems daunting but everything is connected, you could serialize it and edit as you go. Or you could just write a book. What I’m saying is WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?! 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Those are all good ideas, I’ve decided to start an outline for the book version and see where that goes, but I won’t leave you hanging for too long hopefully! I will have a satisfying ending up soon, hopefully if you like it one day you could read it in it’s final form!

        Liked by 1 person

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