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My Audio Book Experience

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well. I thought I would come on here and discuss something I have recently come to realise. I have always been a firm activist for the preservation of physical books. They, in my humble opinion, are superior in many ways. I love feeling the weight of a book, as it reminds me that these words came from someone’s imagination. A book makes them feel real. I have many more reasons as to why I prefer reading books, but that’s a completely different blog post.

Recently, I’ve found it increasingly difficult to pick up a book. The motivation to do so has been laying dormant somewhere inside me. But the desire and urge to read remained. I’ve been focussing most of my time on academic reading for my degree, of which has left me devoid of motivation for recreational reading.

I’m an Amazon Prime customer and am constantly bombarded with Audible advertisements, offering me 2 free credits for any audio books of my choosing. As I mentioned earlier I haven’t read a book in some time, so I decided to try Audible. I chose a book that interested me and decided I would try to fall asleep while listening to it. My only experience with audio books would be when I used an app that read soft sleep stories, in soothing hushed tones that lull you to sleep. I quickly realised this experience was vastly different. The voices were very expressive and demanded to be heard. I ended up listening to 5 hours of the book without realising it.

I finished the audio book and swiftly selected my second free title. I was equally as drawn in to the story as I was with the first one. I am very shocked to have enjoyed it so much.

It has definitely helped me reinvigorate the motivation to read again. Almost. To be fair to myself, I have been writing more recently which is a positive thing.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this little post, it’s a lot less serious than a lot of my other posts recently.

Let me know what you prefer in the comments.

Jen X

13 thoughts on “My Audio Book Experience

    1. Me too, which is why I always used sleep stories to fall asleep and refuse to listen to audio books but I think it helps when you feel like reading but you have other things to do,like cleaning.

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  1. Wonderful post! ❤ I'm super happy to hear that you had such a fantastic experience with audiobooks upon trying one! Which audiobook was it if I may ask? Voices that were expressive and demanded to be heard sounds just awesome! I have a sort of regular book TBR and audiobook TBR, am finding that audiobooks work extremely well for very character dialogue-driven books. A skilled narrator can really add zest to a title.

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    1. Thank you Kitty 😄. I actually read “The Nanny” by Gilly Macmillan. If you listen to it I will warn you, there is a child who is from California and the narrator offers a very questionable accent but the rest is beautifully narrated.
      You are right about that, it’s more difficult to retain information when a lot of it is following a characters stream of consciousness.
      I’m so happy you enjoyed my post 💖

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  2. The only audio book I have ‘read’ from start to finish is 11.22.63 by Stephen King. It was a fine experience but, like you, I am not willing to relinquish my love for actual books. Sometimes listening is a far easier way to go, but you can’t beat the tactile nature of paper, and the feel of turning the page.

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    1. Nothing beats a physical book, it’s a very different way of consuming books though. For example, the way the narrator chooses to emphasis certain words may be different to how I would if I was reading it, changes the entire tone of the story imo. I’m so glad you enjoyed this post.


  3. Hello Jen, I have thousands of books and just love the physical look and feel of them. I also worked in the rare book trade, where I could see and handle the most amazing books imaginable; signed first editions of The Origins of Species by Charles Darwin, huge books full of beautiful handcoloured lithographs of birds, very rare modern first editions etc. etc., many at tens of thousands of pounds.

    However, I found I was actually reading very little so I joined Audible several years ago. Since then I have listened to maybe one hundred books, mainly spiritual, but a fair number of fiction titles, which I never used to read. There’s no comparison for me to hearing a professional putting on different voices for each character, with all the accents, compared to struggling with my own imagination thereof, and also I always listen when I’m doing chores like ironing or washing up or cooking, or walking etc., only very rarely in bed.

    Well, to my surprise, hardly anone I’ve met is interested in, nor listens to audiobooks, including two writing groups I’ve belonged to, and an audience to whom I gave a talk on self-publishing. Only one in that audience of thirty or so listened to audiobooks and that person was blind!

    “Poeple always criticise what they know nothing about.”

    So, to anyone reading this who may be interested, I’d suggest going to Audible and typing an author or subject you are interested in into the search box. You will be AMAZED by the number of titles that come up.

    And I’d particularly like to recommend the stories of Roald Dahl. Although I have some books by him, I’d never listened to the stories – and tales like Uncle Oswald, Switch Bitch, Man from the South, both blew me away and influenced me in my own writing too.

    I’m not on here to plug my own audiobooks (of which I have three on audible BTW :-)) but just to say, that if you have written a novel or long short story (5000 words plus) and would like to see it produced as an audiobook, then head over to ACX – Audiobook Creation Exchange. There, you can register your title and it will be perused by a disproportionately huge number of narrators. If they like it, they will leave an audition for you to listen to.

    If you enjoy the audition you can contact the narrator to record on one of two plans. One, you pay upfront for the recording, two, you do a ‘split royalty deal,’ whereby you pay nothing up front and split the 40% royalty between you. The audiobook will appear on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

    There’s a real thrill in hearing a professional read the words you’ve written and there’s no catch. I was amazed at how easy the process was, and I got a split royalty deal with a great narrator too! Check the ACX site for full details and don’t be shy of registering your title! I know I was, thinking my work wasn’t good enough, and was then just amazed a couple of months later to get a fantastic audition!.

    I’d recommend audiobooks highly, that’s why I checked out Jen’s post, they will open up new worlds to you in ways that you never would have imagined. Honestly.

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