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Sleep? Where for art thou sleep?

On Saturday night I decided to deep clean my room the following day. Then I decided I better wait until Monday, everyone else will be at work and I won’t disturb anyone if I did it like that. I’d be completely free and alone.

It’s now 6.25 Monday morning, the day I planned to start the desperately needed spring clean, and yet sleep has once again evaded me.

I find when I have something planned for the next day, insomnia says “Ha, you really thought you could achieve that?”

I want to let insomnia and self doubt win. I’m too tired to fight it. I’m waiting for my boyfriend to wake up to go to work, I might even go to the shop with him on his way. I probably won’t though. More plans I will inevitably cancel.

Why is sleep so bloody tricky? Why can my boyfriend close his eyes and be asleep within seconds? How does he manage to stay asleep for so long? How does he turn his thoughts down?

I love sleep. Especially dreamless sleeps, the comfortable nothing of a deep slumber is all I want.

I will try to sleep for a few hours and maybe I will find the motivation to clean. I hope so.

Jen x

13 thoughts on “Sleep? Where for art thou sleep?

      1. In worst case scenarios I take children’s benadryl in grape flavour, try this but also try not to depend upon it, it’s a harmless liquid since it’s for children I am guessing but it works for me.

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  1. Hope it gets sorted, nothing is worse than insomnia! My last medication I was on gave me bad insomnia, I was always exhausted. Now with my new medication I have the opposite problem and can never get out of bed. Lol. It’s always something!

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    1. I’ve never taken any kind of medication for it, I’m quite afraid of medication in general
      I’ve been prescribed anti depressants but have never taken them, I’m not sure why.
      It’s like I can’t sleep until my whole body and mind are completely worn out.


    1. That sounds like a good idea, I don’t really feel safe in the area I live, but maybe if I asked my partner he would come with me. Thank you for your advice I appreciate it a lot

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