Creative Writing

Could You Imagine?

Imagine fighting with a thought that won’t leave you alone
a thought that hasn’t left you alone since you were a child
Imagine fighting with the desire for it to end
a desire you feel guilty for having at all
Imagine pleading with yourself
Imagine fighting with yourself to stick it out
a fight you are too tired to have anymore
Imagine wanting to dissappear
But not being able to.

13 thoughts on “Could You Imagine?

  1. You will learn to live with it. It might hunt you in your worst times but you will know that the “self” you are fighting against is not telling you the truth. Then, it will no longer be a battle you will struggle with but a battle you will win in seconds. I am not quite there yet but I know I will be. And you will reach there too. I am sure. 🙂

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  2. Definitely been there, thanks for sharing. One thing I’ve learned is that this is a fight that takes help to overcome. Thankfully, there is an Overcomer who is ready and eager to help us, if we have the courage to ask! John 16:33.

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    1. Thankyou so much Tati. I was in a dark head space when I wrote this and it always shocks me when I go back and read it when I’m feeling less sad. Your kind words really help


  3. This was so relatable for me. Anxiety and self-doubt can gnaw away at you, but don’t lose faith in your capabilities. We’re all stronger than our inner demons. It’s a long difficult road ahead, but you will come out shining in the end.

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    1. True words, it’s very difficult trying to win a war against yourself. Especially when you feel as if it is a lost cause. But you do have days when the darkness is momentarily replaced with light and you realise there are things worth living for. Thank you for your encouraging sentiments.

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