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Letters To Arthur: A Short Story

Authors Note: Hello everyone hope you’re doing well! Welcome to another short story. I wrote this one a while ago and honestly forgot about it, but I thought I’d share it now while I work through the writing slump I’ve found myself in. Thankfully, I think I’ve made progress and fingers crossed there will be a brand spanking new story next week! Enjoy.

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Dear Arthur,

Isn’t this exciting? After your big move to Ireland, I feared we may never speak again. I’m so pleased I was able to find your new address. I hope you don’t mind. Lucy from over the road gave it to me. Of course, she required more work than I’d originally hoped, but as you know, I can be very persuasive.

How has living in Cork been? I’m sure the fresh air and rolling hills are a far cry from grey old London. It seemed to become duller the day I learned of your departure. I have to say I was rather distraught, especially because you didn’t say goodbye or give me any kind of warning whatsoever. I understand though. You needed to get away, for your own good. At first, I blamed myself, for what happened that day. I wanted to get your address and fly to your door. As soon as I could. I have imagined your expression upon seeing me there, with you, countless times. You always have a toothy grin and pure happiness shining through your eyes. Perhaps I will still do this, although this may ruin the element of surprise.

I want you to know, I forgive you. I forgive you for leaving and I forgive you for everything. I am ready to be together again; the time has finally come. You don’t need to hide anymore.

Anyway, I hope you are well, and I look forward to receiving my response. 

Love and kisses, forever yours and waiting,


Dear Arthur,

It has been 2 months since I posted my last letter. I’m still waiting for a response from you. Of course, I don’t blame you my darling. I suspect my previous letter got lost in the post somehow. I shall briefly recap my last letter as not to bore you too much, you did always say I tend to go on and on. I was able to get your address from Lucy Miller, from number 9. It was difficult to say the least. She was under some illusion that you wouldn’t want me contacting you. I told her that’s impossible and I managed to change her mind. 

I wanted to know how Cork is, does it compare to London? Does it compare to waking up beside me? I must admit, I am still a little hurt by your sudden disappearance. I thought we managed to work through the trouble we had caused. I was sure we could reset the clock and try again. Perhaps you just needed some space. I could have given you space Arthur. Surely you knew this. You didn’t have to leave the country for it.

We have waited so long to be together. We have both made sacrifices and I appreciate all you have done. I just wonder if the same can be said for you.

Please write back.

Forever yours and waiting,


Dear Arthur, 

Another 3 months have passed and still nothing from you. Even though I was sure to write your address as clearly as I could. Every letter was painstakingly written, in bold writing even a child could understand. And yet, still no word from you. 

You cannot be deliberately ignoring me? I have gone over the possibilities every day, after checking the post for your distinctive handwriting. The people I’m living with must think I’m mad. They see me rummaging through a forever dwindling pile of letters, checking and rechecking each and every one, in the hopes I had missed your letter. It’s humiliating. All I want to know is that you’re alive, happy and well. That’s not too much to ask of you. Not after the things I have done for you. The lengths I have gone for you, a short letter pales in comparison. Need I remind you of what I have given up? Need I remind you where I’ve been for most of my adult life? I thought it would be as etched into your mind as it is mine. Perhaps I was wrong to assume.

I still love you and I’m certain I always will. I am still forever yours and waiting. But time is running out, so it is in your best interest to respond promptly. 


Dear Arthur, 

My patience has almost diminished completely. When I asked you for a response, I was not expecting it to be in the form of a restraining order. The words were written in bold red capitals: RESTRAINING ORDER. It was as if the page had screamed at me. It broke my heart to learn that you no longer wish to keep in contact with me. 

But I promise you, I understand why you’ve done this. You have always been a very intelligent man. You need to be sure of my dedication to you. You don’t want a repeat of what happened between us, it almost finished us for good. You need to be sure of me and I intend to instil the upmost confidence in you.  I refuse to allow a piece of paper to define us. I refuse to let your test fool me and deter me from resuming our relationship. We owe it to each other. 

But do you not think I have suffered enough? Have the last couple of decades meant nothing to you? Is that not proof enough of my devotion and commitment?

You know that I know what you’re capable of. I know that’s the reason you ran, and I know it’s the reason you refuse to talk to me. You need to remember, I’m the only one you can really speak to. I’m the only one who really knows you. 

Forever yours and still waiting



I filed the restraining order 4 months ago and you’re still to harassing me and my family. Stop sending us letters. I’m only writing this to give you the chance to stop. 

I was told about a woman, who looked remarkably like you Eve. Black hair, around 5”5 and sickly skinny. Apparently, she was hanging around MY house, walking up and down the road all day. People even told me she looked like she was taking pictures.

As I’ve no proof, the police over here laughed in my face. But I will take this further if you carry on. I’m giving you this last warning. Stop contacting me.

Dear Arthur,

That is utterly ridiculous. How could I have been there? If I was there, I would have popped in to say hello. I would love to see where you live. I can imagine it. The lovely lavender in your front garden, the little white bench and not forgetting the immaculate interior decoration. I’m sure it is to die for, so I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Though hypotheticals are vastly different to reality. The reality is, I was at home. Hauled up next to the letterbox, waiting for your letter to fall into my life. This time, it did. But your threatening tone made the wait meaningless. 

You must just be in shock. We haven’t corresponded in nearly 10 years. I thought you were out there waiting for me, as you promised. But when I came home, you were gone. You didn’t even leave me a note, to tell me where to find you. You didn’t even leave a single piece of clothing so I could cling to your scent. Selfish.  After what I did for you. Taking the blame and the punishment for our crime. I never breathed a word to a soul Arthur. I just wanted it to stay ours and ours alone. It was the best and worst secret because it was ours. You still love me, and I know it. Otherwise you would have just contacted London police directly. Instead you give me a warning. But you forget too often, I know you very well. The question is, how well do you know me?

Forever yours and forever waiting


Dear Arthur,

I tried to warn you. Nobody can ever say I didn’t. I left you presents, I hand-posted photographs of myself wearing your t-shirt in your fake wife’s bed. I know you got the message and yet you still refuse to even be civil with me. Your wife Daisy is a looker, isn’t she? You do know how to pick them. She’s blonde so I bleached mine the same way. I sent you photographs and still, I am not good enough for you. Is it because I have aged? They do say women rarely age well when locked in prison. 

Did you hear about Lucy Miller? Poor little lamb. Apparently, someone strangled her in her own home. I do wonder why. Maybe because she was told by a certain person not to give away a certain address under any circumstances. I did think you were above that Arthur. The Arthur I knew would never be so dense as to give someone as weak as Lucy such sensitive information. It is a shame; she made such delightful apple crumbles. 

I’m not waiting any longer.


Dear Arthur,

It certainly was a delight to see you again. I must say, you look older than I thought you would. From long distances, you almost look as good as you did all those years ago. Back when we committed a crime that forever bound us. Do you remember how it felt, to take a life together? It was the best high on the planet. I felt untouchable. I do remember you breaking down once or twice, the anguish in your eyes was plain to see, although I could never understand why. What we did was magic and for a while we were too. 

Until the police kicked down our door and arrested me. They didn’t even look at you. The look you gave me as they slammed me against the wall and fastened the handcuffs as tight as they could; told me what was happening. Of course, one of us had to take the blame and I was the strong one. We both knew you would never survive in prison, especially not for something as heinous as the murder of our child. That’s not to say prison was easy for me either. Mothers who kill their children are not well liked, especially when you’re living with women who would kill to see theirs again. 

They said, I killed our son. They said it was my DNA they found under his fingernails and that there was no evidence to suggest you played any part. But they weren’t there to see what happened. They didn’t know you like I did. I took the blame, the punishment and the beatings while you got a second chance. You had the audacity to remarry and produce more offspring. I couldn’t let you do that and then not even thank me for what I’d done for you. For us.

That’s why I hid in your home, until you and your precious family had gone to sleep. I was overjoyed when I finally heard your disgustingly loud snores. Your son was beautiful by the way. He reminded me a lot of our Oliver. Same green eyes. He was quick to go, so don’t worry about him. It was your daughter that struggled the most. You didn’t even wake up when your wife’s blood splattered all over your bedroom. How much did you really love her Arthur? 

I did spare your life. You must realise I could have watched the brightness of your eyes fizzle out as you took your final breath. But you see, I love you Arthur. Unfortunately you’ve made it abundantly clear you no longer love me. If I can’t have your love, why should anyone else? Just think, we have yet another event that will keep us in a constant state of connectedness. Forever.

Until the day we meet again.


I hope you enjoyed this story and if you did, don’t forget to leave a like and a comment!

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19 thoughts on “Letters To Arthur: A Short Story

    1. Thank you so much Priscilla, I’m glad you enjoyed it! I used to write almost exclusively as diary entries or letters, so it was nice to go back to the style again.


  1. I love the format, and I admire your patience. You build up the story at a relaxed pace and reveal key clues, just like enticing a bird to come closer.
    I recently watched an episode of THE WEST WING which uses the device of having various characters write to a parent about the stories of the day. You are in good company with Aaron Sorkin.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really liked how you made the reader feel like they were in Eve’s head, but never knowing which way things were going to go. I suppose that is what it feels like to be crazy?! Because it sure felt that way. Great read!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The letter format is hard to pull off but this was brilliant. There was just enough in each one and by the time the last one rolled around, it really stung. And I have to say once more, you took it in a different direction than where I thought it would go. Great writing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, I held off on posting this story for that very reason, its hard to pull off! So it’s such a compliment to be told it works well. You should know by now, I like to shock😂 thank you once again.


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