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A Riddle & A Chat

Hey everyone, hope you’re doing well! I’m sorry there won’t be a short story up today. I’m failing Short Story Monday on the second week! But I’ve been pretty busy with my new Internship. Well, not physically busy but mentally, I haven’t had a creative thought in days. I’m in limbo at the moment, as my online logins are yet to be created and without them, I’m pretty useless. I have been doing a lot of research for the role though, which has taken up a lot of my time.

So, instead of only leaving you with a rambling apology for a story you probably didn’t even ask for, I have a riddle for you.

I’m not sure if I made this up, or it’s some kind of repressed memory I’m claiming as my own. But for some reason, I wrote a riddle the other day in my phone. I’m very excited to hear some responses! Let me know in the comments what your answer is:

“What has dreams but cannot sleep, can tell secrets but cannot speak and can listen but has no ears?

Check out my last short story here, where a chance encounter reveals something sinister.

6 thoughts on “A Riddle & A Chat

  1. I’m going to guess a camera. Motion pictures are like watching our dreams played out in front of us, a camera (like one used by the Stasi) can record people talking, and reveal their secrets, but has no voice or ears itself. I’m probably completely wrong, though.

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  2. Oops forgot the riddle! If it wasn’t for the bit about dreams I’d say my smart TV (lol) but hmm… I have several answers for only 2 of the conditions but nothing for all 3. I’m just gonna say a potato.

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