About The Author

Hello everyone hope you are well!

I see you have stumbled across my blog. If you enjoy twisty short stories and the ramblings of an aspiring author, you just might like it here.

I started this blog to keep myself accountable regarding my debut novel I’ve been working on. However, it has progressed organically towards being a platform to share and showcase my writing, whether that be via short stories, my rambling thoughts or the occasional poem.

If you clicked on this to learn a bit about me you might also want to take a look at this blog post, it goes into a bit more detail. You can find that here.

I’m Jenny, or Jen as I am known here on WordPress. I started this blog after many years of wanting to, but never having enough confidence to take the chance. When I was 14 I created my first ever writing blog. I entitled it, “Step Into My World”. Though after a month of nobody viewing or liking my posts, I deactivated the account and tried my best to forget my failed endeavour.

Fast forward 9 years, here we are!

I enjoy creating interesting characters and putting them in the worst situations possible. Some succeed while others… Check out some of my stories to find out more!

I hope you stay and join me on my writing journey.


Jen X