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A Riddle & A Chat

Hey everyone, hope you're doing well! I'm sorry there won't be a short story up today. I'm failing Short Story Monday on the second week! But I've been pretty busy with my new Internship. Well, not physically busy but mentally, I haven't had a creative thought in days. I'm in limbo at the moment, as… Continue reading A Riddle & A Chat

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Why I Haven’t Been Reading

Hello everyone, I haven't written a post just having a chat in a little while. I have been in writing mode for a while and have enjoyed getting my creative juices flowing. However, I've found that it is proving very hard to read AND write at the same time. You see, I have been working… Continue reading Why I Haven’t Been Reading

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My First Book : An Extract From “Project Delilah”

“The dream began the same as it did every other night. I was standing in my front room, not the fancy one, the normal one. I looked around and every corner of the room was dark. I glanced over to the tall bookcase to my left and it was...Impossibly dark. Like a shade of black… Continue reading My First Book : An Extract From “Project Delilah”

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Tradition VS Convenience: Should Printed Books Be Left In The Past?

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.” - Stephen King I chose this concept because it occurred to me that there may be people who have never read a physical book. There may be humans walking the planet as we speak, who have exclusively read e-books. That thought was a scary one for me to mull… Continue reading Tradition VS Convenience: Should Printed Books Be Left In The Past?