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Could You Imagine?

Imagine fighting with a thought that won't leave you alonea thought that hasn't left you alone since you were a childImagine fighting with the desire for it to enda desire you feel guilty for having at allImagine pleading with yourselfImagine fighting with yourself to stick it outa fight you are too tired to have anymoreImagine… Continue reading Could You Imagine?

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Why does it hurt to cry alone? Is it because there's no one there to console you? Or is it because you're afraid? You're afraid because there's no one there to hear your cries. Maybe you're not really crying at all. You're not really hurting. If a tree falls in the woods but there's no… Continue reading Untitled


Making Changes

Hey everyone hope you are well! Last night before I fell asleep I was overwhelmed with anxiety. Most of it was due to it being Christmas and then New Year. New Year for me has never been something I look forward to, because I have never really known what the year will have for me.… Continue reading Making Changes