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The Pillow: Flash Fiction Friday

Authors Note: Welcome to the first installment of Flash Fiction Friday. This is certainly not an original segment, but I thought it would help to keep me on track and consistent with posts. You can expect a new flash fiction piece every other Friday. Enjoy! 5 Min Read There’s the pillow. She’s put it on… Continue reading The Pillow: Flash Fiction Friday

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The Photographs: A Short Story

Authors Note: Hey everyone, happy Monday! I thought I'd do a bit of housekeeping before you read my brand new short story. I've decided I need to be way more consistent with my blog posts. From today, I will be posting a short story on Monday and a piece of flash fiction on every other… Continue reading The Photographs: A Short Story

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Painted Nuisance: Flash Fiction

Authors Note: Hey everyone hope you are doing well! Welcome back to my blog. This is the first story I've posted in over 2 weeks now. I wrote this about 4 months ago and I forgot about it due to getting a new laptop. I thought it was a cool story and thought some of… Continue reading Painted Nuisance: Flash Fiction

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Christmas Dinner: A Short Story

Authors note: Hey everyone hope you are well. Here is a little story that has been floating around my head for a few weeks. I finally wrote it tonight and wanted to get it up before Christmas. Hope you enjoy and if you do, please let me know in the comments! Merry Christmas. Dennis sat… Continue reading Christmas Dinner: A Short Story