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Christmas Dinner: A Short Story

Authors note: Hey everyone hope you are well. Here is a little story that has been floating around my head for a few weeks. I finally wrote it tonight and wanted to get it up before Christmas. Hope you enjoy and if you do, please let me know in the comments! Merry Christmas. Dennis sat… Continue reading Christmas Dinner: A Short Story

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Sleep? Where for art thou sleep?

On Saturday night I decided to deep clean my room the following day. Then I decided I better wait until Monday, everyone else will be at work and I won't disturb anyone if I did it like that. I'd be completely free and alone. It's now 6.25 Monday morning, the day I planned to start… Continue reading Sleep? Where for art thou sleep?


Making Changes

Hey everyone hope you are well! Last night before I fell asleep I was overwhelmed with anxiety. Most of it was due to it being Christmas and then New Year. New Year for me has never been something I look forward to, because I have never really known what the year will have for me.… Continue reading Making Changes

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Lost Love: A Short Story

Authors Note: Hello everyone, long time no see! I hope you enjoy this new short story. I do suggest if you don't enjoy dark stories, maybe give this one a miss. If you do, and you enjoy it, let me know your thoughts and feelings in the comments.(15 min read)My knuckles sting as I punch… Continue reading Lost Love: A Short Story

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Saving You Saved Me: A Short Story

Authors Note: Hello everyone! Here is a new short story I've been working on. It isn't the one I discussed in my previous post about adapting short stories, that one is still in the works. It is a lot longer than my previous stories on this blog, but I hope you enjoy it regardless! (14-18… Continue reading Saving You Saved Me: A Short Story

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Passing Comment: A Poem

Authors note: Hey everyone, here is a poem I just wrote. It's funny because last night I was thinking about how I haven't written any poetry and that was because I haven't felt depressed in a little while. I felt surprisingly happy and was glad I hadn't written any poetry as it seemed like a… Continue reading Passing Comment: A Poem

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I Need A Bit Of Advice: Adapting Short Stories

Hello everyone I hope you are doing well! So I thought I would come on here and and ask for a bit of advice with regards to a short story I just finished. As I was writing it, I fell in love with the main character, although he is not somebody I would ever wish… Continue reading I Need A Bit Of Advice: Adapting Short Stories

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My Anxious Thoughts Before An Interview!

Hello everyone! I had my first job interview in what feels like years today. I won't say where but it is a well known company in London. I am usually very good in an interview setting, although inside I am falling apart until the last minute. I got to my interview 45 minutes early which… Continue reading My Anxious Thoughts Before An Interview!